Some of the bride and groom’s personal effects in a wedding photo capture the spirit of the occasion. The is artistry in fine shoes and an austere wedding invitation.

       A gold lock in the shape of a heart is certainly a pleasing and symbolic image for a wedding.

      Rings in silver for this happy couple.

      A playful vibe from the very start of the day. We can’t tell people not to jump on the bed, not when they’re this happy.

      Novelty Sunglasses in our sleepwear, why not.

      And drinks around the bath, because we all like that type if vibe before the wedding.

      Yet the playfulness need not mean that there were some more formal looking images for the wedding photographer to capture. We certainly like the colours for this flower bouquet.

      And a suspenseful moment before the bride reveals her wedding dress to her bridal party.

      Bride surrounded by flowers, because that can make for a good effect. 

      Combine the novelty sunglasses with that elegant wedding dress, why not!

      The playfulness of the bridal party can be taken out to the hotel foyer.

      The wedding photographer always wants at least one image of the bride on a stairway.

      The groom had a lighter coloured suit courtesy of Peter Jackson. A fine look when the buttonhole flower matches the shirt and bowtie.

      The Gallery at Beta. Who thought brickwork could have such an effect for a wedding ceremony. It even matched the flowers.

      Signing the register. We like the look, the colours, of the wedding party here. 

      A passionate kiss to mark the end of the ceremony.

      Some great opportunities for wedding photos amid the stone building of Martin Place, all the archways and columns.

      And why not have all the wedding party in the picture outside.

      The reception at Beta has the same rustic Victorian Vibe as the ceremony. Yet the stark formal look and the rustic combined quite well.

      Lights and sparkles amid the Victorian architecture, most excellent.

      Drinking over the wedding cake, with interlocked arms.

      The happy newlywed couple have their first dance together.

      We’re spoiled for good wedding photography when the smoke and lights start. How can anybody not feel great in such surroundings.

      Tossing the bouquet, as per the tradition.

      And it’s back to the novelty sunglasses as the bride and groom make their exit.

      A few quieter images outside at the end of the night, because we like the look of city lights. 

      All of us at Splendid Photography wish Stephanie and Alexander the very best for their future together.