Discover classic elegance, opulence, and undeniable charm at Clarence House, the perfect venue for your dream wedding.At Clarence House, you’ll find a setting that exudes grace and sophistication. The Lemnos Club, adorned with a magnificent chandelier, bathes your special day in a vibrant spectrum of colourful light, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for your unforgettable moments. Our cameras revel in the sparkle, ensuring we capture every precious second, especially your first dance.The Victorian Room, a treasure of heritage and history, offers a premier setting for your celebration. Our passion for photography ignites as we frame our couples in the midst of this iconic ambiance.At SPLENDID, we’re deeply enamoured with documenting the magic of Clarence House Weddings. We believe there are countless more enchanting scenes waiting to be unveiled, making your wedding reception an affair to remember.Choose Clarence House for your wedding, and let us transform your special day into a captivating fairy tale that will be cherished forever.

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