Our wedding photographer knows to capture the memories in those wedding day details. We admire Aleksandra & Ahmed’s sense of taste with these earrings, cuff links, wedding rings, shoes and accessories.

      The bride in white in an all white décor. The flowers add just the right amount of subdued colour.

      We love capturing the right light and shadow when it sets the right mood. The groom merely checks his watch, but the image feels right.

      The classic stone buildings look magnificent. Having a great background helps when taking these wedding photos. And the bride and groom look so great.

      This gazebo shot may be our favourite. The light, the symmetry, the feeling of nature, and the happy the couple themselves.

      An exquisite reception hall, chandeliers, crystal, gilt vases… Very fine fairy tale décor.

      Aleksandra & Ahmed’s first dance as a married couple. This is part of every wedding photo album, but we all love it! Aleksandra & Ahmed’s, with their live musicians, was more lively than most occasions.

      We all loved being part of this wedding, and wish Aleksandra & Ahmed a long and happy life together.