We are deeply moved every¬†time when we photographing the tea ceremony at an Asian Wedding, just as Evita and Joseph’s. The outdoor garden ceremony is also naturally beautiful! We wish them all the best on their new journey together!

      Location: Centennial Park + QVB

      Venue: Dockside Cockle Bay Wharf


      Dockside Wedding_0506EJ1Dockside Wedding_0506EJ2 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ3 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ4 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ5 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ6 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ8 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ9 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ10 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ11 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ12 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ13 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ14 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ15 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ16 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ17 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ18 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ19 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ20 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ21 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ22 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ23 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ24 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ25 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ26 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ27 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ28 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ29 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ30 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ31 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ32 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ33 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ34 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ35 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ36 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ37 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ38 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ39 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ40 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ41 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ42 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ43 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ44 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ45 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ46 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ47 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ48 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ49 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ50 Dockside Wedding_0506EJ51