Bright yet natural colours for this occasion. This is the joy of the outside natural world.

      Natalie and her bridesmaids, with dresses that match the flowers. White and rose red look luxurious and rich, especially against the gold frame.

      A different look, a different set of attire inside the ceremony venue. In some ways we like this the most. Such a clean, austere aesthetic.

      Out front of the St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church. Somehow black and white just seemed right for this shot. Is there anything better than the bridal veil floating in just the right way.

      The newlyweds seem well placed in these garden setting. It’s so fulfilling when all the elements of the photo balance so well.

      A moment in front of the staircase. The right light behind these guys makes this image. It’s like they were meant to have a halo.

      The reception at Doltone House, Sylvania Waters. Even when empty this was a grand sight. Once again a totally different colour aesthetic, the brightest of vivid autumn.

      The Smoke and light and dance to the drums. As well as the couple as they have their first dance alone.

      And a peaceful candlelight dance at the end. We love the warmth of these images.

      We all wish for the very best with Natalie and Michael’s life together.