Everybody wants the best possible images of their wedding. This is certainly one of the most important events in anybody’s life. We have all seen a few great wedding albums from friends and relatives, as well as the disappointing photos that’s weren’t often displayed. And we all prefer to have one of those great albums for posterity. So what separates the classics from the chaff? These days almost everybody has a smartphone, and takes several photos of every event. So having decent (not quite professional) equipment is not a problem. But getting good images in another matter. It is a case of needing a good eye and developing some skills. A professional photographer will get great results even when using the same type of equipment that an amateur uses. This experience, skill and education they have makes all the difference. Some Wedding Photography Advice:
      • Have two photographers working in pairs. There is a lot to capture on the day.
      • If you have a videographer then make sure they know how to work with photographers. They are both trying to capture the same event, so you don’t them getting in each other’s way. This is a real issue.
      • Have good, reliable equipment
      • Have plenty of digital memory. This is quite cheap these days, so there is no excuse.
      • Have plenty of spare batteries.
      • Make backups of everything. You can perform backups between the ceremony and the reception.
      • Remember that photos can be cropped and processed. So a lopsided photo might contain a good image when cropped and colour corrected.
      • Scout out the venues beforehand and find good positions to capture events.
      • Know some good local photography sites (local lookout, the Opera House, The Beach, Botanical Gardens) and take some bride/groom shots there.
      • Know what to photograph and plan ahead.
      • Know who to photograph. There are a lot of guest there, but you need some good images of the bride’s sisters, the in-laws, the master of ceremonies.
      • A group photo is virtually essential.
      • Know how to stay in the background. You are to capture everything important without interfering, without even being a part of it.
      • Capture the vows, and any important part of the ceremony. Plan this head. capture anything that is a first kiss, first dance …etc.
      • Capture little moments. These are part of the experience.
      Wedding photography is different to most situations because we only have one chance to capture each moment. We might get people to line up for some images, but we cannot ask them to redo the procession or vows. And amid all the emotion of the day there is some stress and hurry. It makes all the difference if you can maintain a positive attitude that relax others. It makes of a better photo when the subject smiles because they are genuinely happy.  Sydney Wedding Photography Have your wedding captured in the best way possible. These photos last a lifetime. Put your important memories in the hands of the professionals.