The bride’s dress and shoes were impressive and filled us with anticipation for the great day ahead.

      A light and playful look for the bridesmaids. We like everything from the heart-shaped glasses to the fluffy slippers.

      Yet in black and white the bride looks quite formal and elegant.

      Likewise, the groom’s tux also looks so elegant.

      There’s something about seeing oneself in the mirror when dressing for an event, especially the wedding. We realize we really are the person about to take those vows.

      A toast on the wedding day. Such joy in the air. Of course, we can be formal and fun.

      St Mark’s Catholic Church, Drummoyne was an impressive sight. We tried to find an angle for these images that did it justice.

      Leaving the church together, such an emotional experience realizing what this day means.

      A few images outside the state library. We always like these old sandstone buildings for a photo background.

      The newlyweds proudly show their rings.

      Outside Le Montage reception, for a very different aesthetic. A most fine place for a wedding reception.

      Inside Le Montage, all gold and white. We especially like the soft colour flower arrangements.

      The flower arrangements combine natural beauty with an artistic human touch.

      A most impressive four tier wedding cake. Like the venue around it, all white and gold.

      Live music is always great at a wedding.

      The happy couple’s first dance amid smoke and lights. We spend a lot of time trying to capture images like this.

      Bride and groom carried by their guests.

      It seems to be a newer tradition, with the groom tossing an item to the crowd.

      We all wish Vincent and Emma the best for their future together.