Danda & Harry’s wedding. Full of emotion from the very start.

      The bridal party. As this wedding photo shows these girls actually had the party atmosphere, including the champagne.

      A portrait of the bride. It says a lot when the bride can look this good in a simple portrait shot. No tricks, just the bride who found the right wedding dress.

      A black and white photo can capture something different. This feels like a formal press conference. Formal, but exciting.

      Ah, the fine details, the finer things in life. A flower, the ring, fine alcohol in a crystal decanter. And then the groom on a motorcycle! Yet it all looks elegant.

      The walk down the aisle. There are few moments in life that are more emotional. We hope to capture the wedding photos that remind those there of how emotional it was.

      A peaceful moment of the bride and groom sitting together. Yet they look so happy it is a wonder they can sit still.

      That feeling of achievement, in front of the Altar, married at last.

      The newlyweds with the bridal party, individuals who look like they belong together with their matching outfits.

      And the groomsmen, in their matching tuxedos. Such a great juxtaposition of formality and playfulness.

      And just a few shots of the happy couple outdoors. No matter the surroundings these two steal the scene.

      These were the most stylish wedding programmes we have seen for a long time. Just the bride and groom, but with just the right look.

      The Reception Hall. Even empty it looks incredible, even a touch otherworldly.

      The young couple dance to the beat of their best friends’ drums. There is something very primordial in this. It’s hard not to be carried away.

      It’s becoming a new tradition, we think, to have the bride and groom take their first dance together with a light show and mist. And why not, these guys look great.

      And a final farewell to family and friends with the same bright lights and glitter.

      We’re privileged to take the wedding photos of such a fine event. And we wish Danda and Harry the best for their future together.