Myths about moving from Hobby Photographer to Professional

It is both exciting and unsettling to move from hobby photography to professional wedding photography. ‘Happy is the man who makes a living from his Hobby’ said George Bernard Shaw in Pygmalion, though this presume one is successful in their career. In truth, enjoying a hobby does not guarantee that one can successfully turn professional.
Failure in the wedding photo industry can mean anything from simply not getting enough clients to simply not producing the bet wedding photography. Or it might mean setting up the business so poorly that you never make a decent living; the overheads are considerable! It is all to common for neophytes to make very similar mistakes.
Some myths.

Professionals can work their own hours
Actually you will be working hours that fit in with your clients. So you will have to be flexible. That probably means you will give up most of your weekends to photography the Saturday wedding. And you will spend a few late night getting the photos processed in time for the client.

You earn a good hourly rate.
For every hour you spend actually photographing there are 3 more hour processing photos, soring equipment, an hour’s drive to the venue …etc. This is not especially high pay!

Amateur talent means you can be a professional
Not always. Compared to other people’s snapshots your photos may look good. But how do they compare to national magazines? To posters? The standards are high.

Creativity is all that matters
Well, creativity is vital. But you need to look at what people expect. It’s not just about style, it’s about the appropriate style. You need to find photographic examples of what your clients what, like and expect from you. You need to deliver results to their expectations.

The Industries are constantly growing
There are more people getting into the photographic industry all the time, but there may be more photographers than the world needs, with many of mediocre standard. This doesn’t mean there are more opportunities for work, this just means competition is fierce for the professional wedding photographer.

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