It is too easy to be educated into an ideal, and not realize that we become limited to that ideal, remaining unaware of other possibilities. Many individuals from Picasso to Einstein have lamented an education system that inadvertently hinders creativity, or new ideas. It seems students would only produce work that (they thought would) please the teacher, or simply not think of anything outside of the convention that they were taught. Today’s modern technology may give us a way out of this. It is cheap to use computers, digital cameras and other devices creatively, and to experiment with what can be done. When we only had analogue film it was expensive to take photos, so we avoided wasting film, and tended to be a little conservative. But with digital technology we can take all types of images very cheaply. And if 90% of them don’t work out, we just delete them, and keep the few that are successful. we can go the same with graphic software and Photoshop – edit a few images, do some experiments, and discover what works. It only takes a little time (no real cost) and if we learn something useful it is time well spent. Sydney Wedding Photography  A wedding is perhaps not the best time to experiment with photography; we tend to get only one change to catch any moment at a wedding. But we can scout out the venue in advance, find a few good sites, and take some test shots. And the time in advance that we experiment with Photoshop and other photography teaches us a few tricks to learn on the day.  Best Wedding Photographer  Have your wedding captured with some creative photography. This one in a lifetime event deserves the best images for posterity.