The Grounds Weddings

      Step into a world where fairy lights create a mesmerising canopy above a bubbling fountain. Witness crawling vines as they elegantly trace along a charmingly weathered brick wall, entwining with a wrought iron frame. At every corner, an abundance of lush plants bursts forth, inviting you into The Grounds, a true urban oasis and one of Sydney’s most enchanting event spaces.

      Nestled amidst this captivating greenery are several distinct venues, each with its own unique and captivating aesthetic, waiting to become the canvas for your dream wedding or engagement party.

      At Splendid Photos & Video, we specialise in immortalising the magic of The Grounds Weddings. Our team of expert photographers and videographers are well-versed in capturing the charm and beauty of this remarkable venue, ensuring that your special day is preserved in all its splendour.

      Choose The Grounds as the backdrop for your celebration, and let Splendid Photos & Video transform your moments into timeless memories.

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