The bride’s personal effects reflect so much about their fine taste. We can say so much with just a few choice items. We like the look of the pearls. And what a ring.

      The behind-the-scenes preparation is so much part of the day’s experience. 

      A perfect white wedding dress. It takes so much to get a dress that looks so simple yet so elegant. 

      Bridesmaids and the bride. Always a great sense of bonding between friends.

      We often take a few black and white images, to give that formal look.

      The comradery between the groom and his party.

      The bride, picture-perfect in a huge white convertible.

      Such as a grand, open, austere church. We feel inspired as the bride is walked down the aisle.

      The bride and groom greet the world as they leave the church. It’s a new life together.

      In contrast to the church, we have the bride and groom in a rich detailed setting. They were the centre of attention that day no matter where they stood. 

      Some outdoor wedding photography around Curzon Hall.

      Inside Curzon Hall is immaculate.

      What a wedding cake. We don’t see the little wedding figures on top very often these days. But this one looked superb. 

      And they dance together for the first time. These are possibly our favourite images of the night.

      The joy of the occasion includes some silliness. But why not?

      Tossing the bouquet.

      And walking through a tunnel of friends.

      We wish Bianca and Salvatore all the best for their future together.