A collection of photos, of families who are now joined through this wedding.

      Personal invitations and rings, remind us how unique each wedding is.

      A few of the bride’s personal effects. We like the contrast between the rustic timepiece and the fresh floral arrangements.

      The bride has her hair done. Preparation is very much part of the wedding experience, which this generation likes to capture with photos.

      The bride’s dress, her own combination of white and lace, matches the flower arrangement so well.

      An older-style church, which was even more impressive on the inside. White stone and dark timber look so grand.

      Exiting the church, greeting the world for the first time as a married couple.

      We were lucky to get A nice autumn setting for these outdoor photos.

      And with the right afternoon light any bride looks radiant, especially this one. 

      And some more outdoor images, this time with a rustic look neat the Ottimo House.  

      And inside the Ottimo House, the rich timber interior is decorated with stark white furnishings and pastel flowers. This looks especially grand when brightly lit.

      The newlyweds on the dancefloor, with smoke and bright lights. There is always a good photo opportunity here.

      And capturing the joy on the happy faces of friends and relatives.

      We all wish Jasmine & Luke the very best for their life together. We were so glad to take these wedding photos.