The bride’s dress and personal effects. We love the warmth, soft colours and light sunshine here. 

      A rich, elegant look for the bride’s rings and shoes.

      A portrait of the bride. Always classic. We need nothing except the bride herself.

      Some black and white images give an old-school formal look to the events.

      With the Bridesmaids, elegant-looking in their matching dark green dresses.

      Such a sense of togetherness as the bride and her friends take that selfie.

      All in white, the bride, the bouquet, the white curtains, just before the start of the day.

      The Cathedral of the Annunciation of Our Lady in Redfern, is a classic old sandstone church from the 1850s. Still an impressive site.

      Inside the cathedral is even more impressive. Stain glass windows and finely carved never go out of style. And what a chandelier!

      Little details, like the flowers and candles, add so much to the atmosphere.

      Capturing the wedding party as the ceremony begins.

      Leaving in style in a white vintage jaguar.

      Showing off the new wedding rings.

      The reception at the very fine Curzon Hall, decorated with flowers and candles in impeccable style.

      A most excellent and original wedding cake. We love the textured look. Always a new way to make a classic white wedding cake look different.

      And the happy couple have their first dance together. Always good to have live music, with a different cultural style this time.

      Toss the bouquet.

      Salute the newly wedded couple with sparklers. Why not?

      Have you ever seen a happier bride and groom? We love to be reminded of the joy of living.

      We wish the best for Stasha and Costa and their future together.