The bride’s gown and effects. Even from this first moment we can feel that sense of inspiration.

      A framed image of Beauty and the Beast. The event already had a fairy-tale appearance.

      We like the look of classic décor, fine taste, that is also bright and open. Photographs of relatives remind us all that today’s wedding is part of a long tradition.

       The bride, already looking stunning, is next to the wedding dress.

      A few black and white images give a classic, formal look to the occasion. We like the tiara and fine jewellery.

      And a classic image of the bride. What a train on that dress.

      The bride descending a staircase, again a fairy-tale feel.

      Capturing the bride as her veil is lifted in the wind. We always hope to capture these magical moments.

      Walking down the church aisle. It feels like everything leads up to this moment in our lives.

      And the newlyweds as they leave the church. Capturing everything in a symmetrical image.

      Framed in a sandstone arch. Such a warm and earthy feel.

      A fine reception at Le Montage Sarah Grand. Gold and white has such a prestige, elegant look.

      A most perfect 5-tier wedding cake, entirely in white.

      We like to capture the elegance of the Reception Hall before the guests arrive.

      Together in front of the head table, the bride and groom before the reception.

      And they have their first dance together as a married couple. Even before the smoke and lights, they look fabulous.

      And when the smoke and lights are turned on, it looks even better.

      We all wish Connie & Giuseppe the best for their future together.