Pasquale and Farnaz’s wedding. A stylish and photogenic couple who make wedding photography a pure joy.

      A sharp looking shot of the groomsmen, who certainly had a sense of style.

      The little details, the ring, an early photo, the perfect shoes – these all hold such precious memories.

      The happy couple outdoors. It makes us feel the whole world is full of joy.

      A grand reception. Warm and bold, yet elegant and proud. We love to capture these picture perfect images that would impress any artist or decorator.

      Austere, vivid white dresses for the bride and her bridesmaids alike. This is so real, yet so picture perfect.

      The happy couple’s first dance. White lights and smoke on the dance floor – So vivid and passionate!

      Such joy with family and friends. We certain hope this continues in the future for Pasquale and Farnaz.