An elegant wedding and reception for Andrew and Michella, which provided a great opportunity for our wedding photography. We loved the vivid white decor, with even the floral arrangements in white.

      The groomsmen all look sharp and debonair, even when captured in black and white.

      The bridesmaids had a smooth pascal colour scheme early on, but changed to vivid blue for the reception. An impressive and endearing look on both occasions.

      The outdoor images continued the bright austere look. We were lucky to have great weather, but this just highlighted the bright and joyful atmosphere of the day.

      The couple’s first dance as a married couple. Vivid white decor, smoke and lights, but all eyes were on the newlyweds.

      A feeling of triumph at the end of the day. What memories this creates. We wish the best for Andrew and Michella and their future together.