Elisa & Hasan’s wedding photos. Our wedding photographer caught a wonderful service and reception. Truly a pleasure to observe.

      Some people like Elisa & Hasan seem naturally photogenic.

      The flowers and decor around the dress had a sweet autumn feel. We like their taste.

      It is not often a bride appears with a motorcycle, let alone be colour coordinated with one. But she looks brilliant.

      Hasan and his groomsmen look most elegant in black and white.

      Some outdoor Sydney wedding photography for this garden reception. A most charming affair.

      We had to capture the happy couple in these natural garden settings.

      Wedding photos in a fine reception hall, with a little more of the sweet autumn colour.

      Our wedding photographer got a mirror effect here with the bride and groom. This could be a postcard or a painting, it is symmetrical in several ways.

      And their first dance together. Such joy on their faces. 

      Our Sydney Wedding Photographer wishes Elisa & Hasan the very best for their future together.