The bride’s wedding ring. We like to contrast the perfect geometric symmetry of the diamond with some soft randomness in the background. 

      Some of the bride’s effects for the wedding. With the invitation in the background this captures something important about the day.

      Dressing and preparing for the ceremony are all part of the day. There’s something a little magic in seeing the effect that makeup has.

      Champagne with the soon to be bride and soon to be bridesmaids. Always good to have matching gowns.

      A clean yet earthy look with the Groom’s Tux and other effects. 

      Cutting a fine image in a suit from Politix Menswear.

      The ceremony inside St Mary’s Catholic Church, Mulgoa. We were surprised that a century old church looked so modern inside. A colourful, very fine venue. 

      The happy couple framed!

      Reflected in a mirror, because we like a few experimental, artsy shots.

      Any swimming pool that says love is fine by us.

      The happy couple on a staircase, we always need an image of this in the wedding photos. Perhaps it is the best way to show the train on the wedding dress.

      The tables at the Reception, with personalised names. This was very classy.

      The brides and groom dance amid the smoke and lights. It’s not often that this happens outside, but it was actually very effective.

      We all wish Karren and Reece the very best for the future together.