The bride’s Jewellery. Elegant and tasteful, we are reminded of the eternity of these vows and commitment.

      The wedding dress in the morning light. What better way to symbolise the anticipation for the events today.

      Bridesmaids have a champagne toast. Always good to have names personalised on the glasses.

      A few black and white artistic images. We like how the happy bride looks against the city buildings.

      Some final preparation with the bridesmaids. Matching bridesmaid dresses look especially good.

      The bride, the white bouquet, the white dress and the matching curtains, framed in the mirror.

      And some portraits of the bride. We need nothing else except what she brings to the photos. 

      The groom, always a find image for a wedding photo of the groom in a tux.

      And on a fancy looking Harley-Davidson. The groom looks to be in his element.

      Outside the St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Marrickville. Nice to have those prestige cars for the wedding.

      Inside the St Nicholas Church was even more impressive. We love the warmth and sense of tradition in these churches. Always good for the wedding photography.

      The bride arrives at her wedding in the Rolls-Royce. We were glad to capture both the bride and the reflections in the car window.

      Both the groomsmen and the Bridesmaids with the couple to be. Such a rich background, and we like this sense of symmetry.

      As a married couple they prepare to sign the registry.

      We got some playful images of the happy couple in the reception area of the Hotel.

      In front to the city double bay, at the intercontinental double bay

      Every bride needs that staircase photo. This worked well with both bride and groom.

      Captured a moment beneath an umbrella.

      The table arrangements at the Intercontinental Reception Hall. A very natural flower arrangement in white and green. Very fresh and lively.

      The warm and lively feel inside contrasts nicely with the waterfront view outside.

      The bride and groom make their entrance. Those lights capture the joyful feeling we all had.

      Their first dance together, with smoke and lights.

      And what better way to party than to blow off some smoke!

      We all wish Stefani and Anthony the best for their future together.