Thin rings, including a pendeloque diamond. We like this distinctive shape.

      Flowers, invitations, a black and white photograph of the couple. This captures the wedding in miniature.

      The Bride examines her wedding dress. Has any bride ever made a hairband look so good?

      With the Bridesmaids, a touch of playfulness, with such joy.

      Lego figures with miniature flowers! Why not? Rather like the cake toppers at other weddings.

      And the groom looks amazing in a white tux.

      Our Lady of Victories Horsley Park Church had a wonderful warm, open atmosphere.

      Under an outdoor rustic arch, so simple yet endearing.

      The quaint European architecture around La Trattoria.

      A balcony scene seemed appropriate.

      A mini as a wedding car. It looked great, as if the little guy rose to the occasion.

      The Marquee at Springfield House, Dural. We got there early to capture some of these fine images.

      Reading the messages at the Head table. A wonderful combination of bright décor and warm lighting.

      Even before the guests arrived it all looked magnificent.

      The happy couple on the dancefloor, amid smoke with an almost candle lit atmosphere. We like the live fiddler music here.

      And we like the light and shadow contrasts of a black and white photo on the dance floor.

      Being a little free spirited and melodramatic, standing above the table. Why not!

      We all hope that Shona and Anthony’s future together has the same joyous vibe as their wedding.