The bride’s personal effects and flower arrangements. Fine taste; light colours and off-white look so pure.

      Some black and white images of the bride and her party. Great to capture some genuine reactions from the bridesmaids.

      There’s always something about a bride in the mirror, she realizes how she looks on this most important of days.

      And the groom. We need to say nothing except that these fellows look great.  

      A warm and rich-looking setting at St Monica’s church. Bright and open,

      Though it never distracted from the bride and groom who were rightfully the centre of attention.

      The bridesmaids take a selfie outdoors. We like how the dress colour matches the scenery.

      The bride and groom with rows of trees converging behind them. We were lucky to have fine weather and autumn colours.

      We always try to get a stairway shot in our wedding photos. But what a stairway.

      Has there ever been a better combination of wedding décor and architecture? Dark versus white, round versus square. This wedding party table looks so artistic.

      A warm, yet cool and serene atmosphere at the reception.

      The couple dance together. The mist on the dancefloor looks great, blending with the wedding dress.

      We all wish Isabell and Harrison the very best for their future together.