The bride’s gown and accessories, lain out in anticipation of the great day.

      Good lighting can make some impressive images. It’s just the plainest or backgrounds here, but the bride and her bridesmaids cut very fine figures here.

      It says a lot when just the bride in a fine dress makes for such a great wedding photo.

      The bride on a staircase might be an old idea, but we think this looks great.

      Black and white always has some elegance and grit. We feel the same about tuxedos and motorcycles.

      An open a spacious church for the ceremony. It truly helps the wedding photographer to have such impressive settings. How can we not like stained-glass windows.

      The newly-wed couple share a moment outside the Church. A classic type of wedding photo, but a worthy one.

      Some fine images of the happy new couple in central Sydney. Always great to have an elegant image bridal train held in the wind.

      The reception. White floral arrangement with a touch or autumn and gold.

      The bride and groom have their first dance together with mist and lights.

      The parting shot as they young bride and groom prepare to leave. Certainly they are riding in class.