A few of the bride’s effects.

      A most fine set of drinking glasses. Certainly, a sense of rich décor that will match stark white as well as it matches organic timber.

      The wedding dress with a fine frosted beading. We really liked the play of light on this.

      The makeup as the bride prepares for the big day ahead of her. We’re glad this is captured today in wedding photography – the individual becoming the bride.

      Preparation is all the better when with the bridesmaids.

      The bride in a mirror, a wedding photo we always like to get. Easy to forget that the bride has not seen herself till this moment.

      And just the bride with a bouquet. We need nothing else for a fine photo.

      The groom’s effects. Actually, very fine taste in flowers, with the is pale blue shade.

      One of the largest floral arrangements. Inspiring to see a wedding ceremony underneath this flower arch.

      Some light-hearted moments as newlyweds.

      A very elegant reception at the Eveleigh. We love the warm pink tones and flowers.

      And with the bright lights on the Eveleigh looks completely different.

      Every wedding album needs a passionate kiss on the dancefloor.

      Being serenaded on the stairway.

      The small, circular dancefloor in smoke and lights. We think of the moon when we photograph this.

      We certainly wish Farnaz and Emile the very best for their future together.